Dr. Surendra Singh


University School Of Law, Justice & Governance



                           PROFESSOR IN THE SCHOOL OF LAW,

                                                        JUSTICE AND GOVERNANCE

                                             GAUTAM BUDHHA UNIVERSITY

                                                        GREATER NOIDA, U.P-201312




Vice Chancellor Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University Bhopal

                                     Vice Chancellor Rama University Uttar Pradesh Kanpur

                                    Professor Head and Dean Faculty Law  Lucknow  University

                                    MJP Rohilkhand University Bareilly and Amity University .

                                    Director School of Legal Studies, Delhi Metropolitan Education  


Mobile No. +91 -9999557724, +91-8765924343



F-353, Sarita Vihar New Delhi

+91 -9999557724, +91-8765924343

Landline (Residence) –011 26943104


E mail: singhsk2007@gmail.com



(a)    Ph.D.  (1993)                            :               Mahatma Jyotibaphule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, Topic “BONDED LABOUR AND THE LAW IN INDIA”.


(b)    LL.M. (1978)                            :               University of Lucknow.
(Second Division)

(c)    LL.B. (1975)                             :               University of Lucknow.
(First Division)       

       (d) LL.B. (Aca.) (1974)                     :        University of Lucknow.

                                                                            (First Division)


(e)    B.Sc. (1971)                               :        University of Lucknow.

                                                                      (Second Division)


        (f)     Intermediate (1969)                  :        U.P. Board.

                                                                                   (Second Division)


        (g)    High School (1967)                   :        U.P. Board.

                                                                                   (First Division)




           1969-1978                                       :        Post-War Merit Scholarship.

           1967-1969                                       :        U.P. Government’s Merit Scholarship.



●      Has been chosen for Rashtriya Gaurav Award by India International Friendship Society, New Delhi.


ï‚·      Selected for the Lifetime Achievement Award on the occasion of the World Management Congress held in the Auditorium of India International Centre, New Delhi on December 30-31, 2009.

ï‚·      Selected for Bharat Shiksha Ratan Award by Global Society for Health & Educational Growth, New Delhi during its National Level Seminar on Individual Achievements for Economic & Social Development at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on July 19, 2010.

ï‚·      Selected for Vidya Ratan Award by The Economic for Health and Educational Growth, Delhi during its National Level Seminar on Individual Contribution towards Health & Education held at World Habitat Centre, New Delhi on April 30, 2010.


●      Nominated for the 2005 Man of the Year Commemorative Medal by American Biographical Institute North Carolina, USA.


●      Appointed    Principal, Patna Law College, Head of Department of Law & Dean Faculty of Law, Patna University. By His Excellency, Governor of Bihar.

●      Selected on the post of Professor of Law, Allahabad University in the year 2000.


           (a)      Teaching Experience                    :                    i.          LL.B. (three years) - about 12 years.

                                                                            ii.       LL.B. (five years) - about 06 years.

                                                                            iii.      LL.M. about 33 years.                     


           (b)      Research Experience                    :      33 years.

           (c)      Field of Specialization            :     Commercial Law and IPR.

           (d)      Ph.D. Supervised                    :     08

           (e)      Ph.D. Awarded                       :     08    

           (f)       LL.D. Supervised                   :     17

           (g)      LL.D. Awarded                      :     10  

           (h)      Ph.D./LL.D. Evaluated          :     200 (About)

           (i)       Books Published                     :     One book, on “Bonded Labour and the Law in India”.

           (j)       Major Research Project         :     Revival   of   Informal   Justice System in State of Uttar Pradesh: A Study to suggest establishment of informal Justice System at grass root level (UGC Research Project).

           (k)      Articles                                    :     Contributed 40 articles, 38 of them have been published in various journals and 02 is in the process of publication (list  attached).

           (l)       Seminars                                  :     Attended about 200 seminars and contributed papers in the field of Intellectual Property Rights, Human Rights, Constitutional Law, Environmental Law,            Political Science, Cyber Crime Criminal Law and Legal Education, etc.

           (m)     Organized                                :     Two National Seminars, on:-

                                                                           (i)    “Changing Dimensions of Copyright and other Neighbouring Rights”, October 9-11, 2004.

                                                                           (ii)   “New Economic Policy and Corporate governance”, March 29-30, 2008.


                                                                           ●       Chaired sessions in various national and international conferences.

                                                                           ●       Delivered invited talks in various national and international conferences.

                                                                           ●       Reviewer of many research papers and projects.

                                                                           ●       Evaluator of Ph.D. & LL.D. thesis.

                                                                           ●       Paper setter and evaluator of answer books for UG/PG students in many universities, Public Service Commissions and institutions.

                                                                           ●       Expert in selection committees of various Universities and Public Service Commissions.