Dr. Sumit Mahajan

Faculty on Contract

Mechanical Engineering
University School of Engineering
PhD (2021), Mechanical Engineering, IIT Jodhpur Rajasthan
Manufacturing, welding & Joining, Design, Nanocomposites



Dedicated and passionate about the teaching profession. I love to explore and share my experiences with my students to enable them for a better future. The broad area of research interest is welding and joining. Working on welding consumable development for Dissimilar metal welds and High-temperature oxidation of materials used in Thermal power plants applications.


B.Tech; Mechanical (2009), BCET Gurdaspur (Govt. Appr.)

M.E; CAD/CAM & Robotics (2011); Thapar University Patiala

PhD; Mechanical (2021); IIT Jodhpur Rajasthan