Mr. Vikas Prabhakar

Faculty on Contract

Civil Engineering
University School Of Engineering
M.Tech(2016) Structural Engineering, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida.
Analysis and Design of Hydraulic Structures / Structural Engineering / Design of Concrete Structure. My research area is " Development of Lightweight thermal insulated block using waste material.



My name is Vikas Prabhakar. I am from Aligarh. I am a creative and hard working person.


I am currently working as  Faculty on Contract Greater Noida. The given opportunity at G.B.U. My interest to purpose a career in engineering started very early during my schooling. I joined G.L.A. University Mathura for completing my bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering. My interest towards research field sparkled during third year of my engineering while working intern under Professor G.L. Asawa IIT Roorkee (U.K.) and Dr. J.P. Singh on a project entitled “Studies on the waste water Treatment Plant.” I completed a month summer Training  Program  in my 2012 at Bharat  Heavy Electrical Limited, Haridwar  on project entitled “Construction  of  cement concrete Road”  under the guidance of Amit kumar, Sr. Engineering B.H.E.L. Haridwar. During my final year , I worked on my major projected  entitled, “Design and stability of  High Rise Building” Under the guidance of  Dr. J. P. Singh.

By the time I completed my under graduated studies, I had acquired a strong grounding on Civil Engineering subjects. This I knew to pursue my higher studies in this field. I adopted to appear for Gautam Buddha University Greater Noida 2014 and Rank-2 in the exam. My performance in G.B.U. Gr. Noida-2014 gave me a chance to pursue my master of technology in structural Engineering at G.B.U. Gr.Noida.

During my post graduation, I have worked on various Laboratory facilities available at G.B.U. Gr. Noida & Central Road Research Institute CSIR- Roorkee U.K. I was introduced to a wide range of research area such a civil Engineering , Light weight of thermal insulated  block using waste material  in kota stone slurry waste , structural analysis of  concrete technology, Reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete  design, Soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering, Industrial waste treatment, water and waste water treatment process, Advanced treatment process etc.  The field of Civil engineering particularly captured my interest. This I opted “Development of light weight thermal insulated blocked using waste materials” as my dissertation topic under the guidance of Principal Scientist Dr. Rajani Lakhani and G.B.U. civil Engineering Department the idea was to optimize the light weight thermal insulated foam concrete blocks, in the material and construction Technology have lead to the sign cant resulting in improved performance wide a more economical use . As a result Light weight thermal insulated block has the concrete which serves both economic and environmental concerns.