Dr. Rajendra Bahadur Singh

Research/Faculty Associate

University School Of Information And Communication Technology
M.Tech (VLSI Design)
Linear IC Applications, Digital Logic Design, CMOS VLSI Design


  • R.B.Singh is working as a Research/Faculty Associate in the Department of Electronics And Communication Engineering, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida. He has received M.Tech. Degree in E.C.(VLSI Design) from Nirma University, Ahmedabad , passed in 2008 with first division and B.Tech(Electronics & Telecomm.) from Uttar Pradesh Technical University(U.P.T.U), Lucknow, passed in 2005 with first division.
  • He has worked as a Lecturer in the Saroj Institute of Technology & Management (SITM), Lucknow in the EC Department from 14 May 2009 to 24 Feb 2010 and Lecturer in BBDNITM, Lucknow in EC Department from 25 Feb 2010 to 28 Feb 2011.

  • Ph.D. (Pursuing)  from Gautam Buddha University, Gr.Noida
  • M.Tech (VLSI Design) from Nirma University, Ahmedabad in 2008
  • B.Tech (Electronics & Telecomm.) from Uttar Pradesh Technical University (U.P.T.U.), Lucknow in 2005
  • Intermediate from UP Board in 2001
  • High-School from U.P.Board in 1999  
 Academic Administration

  • Observer for the Gautam Buddha University entrance examination in May 2018. 
  • Faculty In-charge of the Digital Electronics Lab and Linear IC Lab, in the School of ICT, G.B.U. Greater Noida.
  • Member, University Examination Team, Gautam Buddha University (2013-2015).
  •  Warden, Sant Kabir Das Hostel, Gautam Buddha University, From 26 Oct 2017 to till.
  • Associate Warden, Sant Kabir Das Hostel, Gautam Buddha University (from Sept 2016 to 25 Oct 2017).
  • Assistant Warden, Narayan Guru Hostel, Gautam Buddha University, (from Aug 2014 to July 2015).
  • Member, School of ICT Examination Team, Gautam Buddha University (2012-13 & 2015-17).
  • Paper Setter and Valuer for Gautam Buddha University Gr. NOIDA.
Short Term Courses (FDP/Workshop) Attended
  • Two-week FDP on Swachchta Pakhwada organized by NSS & DSA at Gautam Buddha University, Gr. Noida from 1Sept to 15 Sept 2017. 
  • One week short term training program on “Application of Techniques/Tools in Engineering”, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, 9th -16th October 2017.
  • One week faculty development program on “Recent Trends of Soft Computing Techniques in Software Engineering and Applications” FDP-SCTSEA, Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida, 19th -24th December 2016.
  • Two Weeks Workshop on “Signals and Systems”, conducted by IIT Kharagpur, 2th -12th Jan 2014 at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida
  • International Workshop for Cloud Computing & its Applications (IWCCA), GBU, G.Noida, 17th Feb. 2013.
  • Three days workshop on, “High Vacuum, Plasma & Thin-film Deposition for IC Technology” in Technical Association with Technology Application Service, GBU. G.Noida, 7th -9th February 2013.
  • Two Weeks Workshop on QIP, Creativity & Innovation, IIT Delhi, 4th -18th Dec 2012
  • One day Workshop on Latex, SOICT G.B.U., Gr.Noida 2016.