Dr. Vidushi Sharma

Assistant Professor

University School Of Information And Communication Technology
Ph.D. Computer Science, M.Tech. , M.Sc. Computer Science
Information technology, Sensor network, Internet of things, Technology Management



  • Assistant Professor SoICT and Convenor of Centre of Excellence of Rapid Alternative Energy and Mobility having vast academic and industry experience, Guided 8 Ph.D. scholars in the domain of sensor network and IoT, Guided more than 50 Dissertations,Mentored DST projects, one patent awarded, 3 patents published and written 2 books. There are more than 50 research publications in reputed journals including IEEE Transaction, Springer and Elsevier Publications. Edited book Taylor Francis publication

  • Ph.D. (Computer science) 
  • M.Tech. Gold medallist
  • M.Sc. Computer Science