Dr. Pankaj Deep

Assistant Professor

University School of Humanities & Social Sciences
PhD (Public Policy and Governance)
Political Science, Governance, Public Policy and Social Justice




 Dr. Pankaj Deep, trained in Political Science has Ph.D. from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. His Ph.D deals with the Tribal Governance in India in general and Odisha in Particular. In his doctoral studies he examines and evaluate policies design, execution and its performance in relation to tribal governance in India. Since then he has worked on in the areas of policies and governance in different capacity in different research organisations. Dr. Deep research interests include public policy, social justice, and issues of governance in India.


M. Phil, PhD


Refresher /Orientation Courses attended

·       Attended one Orientation Course (OR-88), from 31st May 2017 to 28th June 2017 at Centre for Professional Development in Higher Education (CPDHE), University of Delhi.