Dr. Subhojit Banerjee

Assistant Professor

Business Management
University School Of Management
PhD(2004), MBA, BSc
Marketing (Advertising , IMC & Digital Marketing, Sales and Service Marketing), Research Methodology



Text-Books Authored

1. Banerjee S, and Roy R (2021), Research Methodology:Concept,Philosophy,Technique and Cases, Pravalika Pub, ISBN: 9789384292805

2. Banerjee S, and Roy R (2008,2010, 2017), Fundamental of Research Methodology -3rd Ed, Kitab Mahal, ISBN 81-225-0487-6

Chapters in edited Books

1.‘Entertainment and Economic Contributions of Indian Hindi Movie Industry’ (2011),Published in Cameron, S. (Ed). Economics of Leisure, Edward Elgar Publication, UK, ISBN 978-81-314-1934-2

2.Branding Strategies for online Banks(2008), Published in Purnam KK and Jain RK (Ed). Internet Banking-Multi Dimensional Perspective, IUP, ISBN 9788131419342

3.Emerging Trends In E-Commerce: Data Warehousing & Data Mining (2003): in the book 'Commerce Education in the new millennium.' Prof. R. Roy and Prof. J.N. Misra have edited the book.- ISBN:   8122502768 

4. Leveraging Retail Banking Brands Using Data Warehousing:  in the book ‘IT in Banks Strategic Issues’. Prof Katuri Nageshwar Rao of ICFAI Hyderabad has edited this book. (ISBN No 81-7881-457-9)

5. Technology Upgradation: impact on Service Quality, in the book “Financial services in India - recent trends and innovations" : being edited by Prof. Dandaphani, IBS chennai.ISBN:8131403475



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  • Banerjee Subhojit, (2004) ,Designing OD interventions for Rural Voluntary Organizations :JIMS-8M journal

Conference Proceedings

  • Impact of Customer Values on Computer Purchase Decision: A Study on the Jalaun District of Uttar Pradesh’, International Conference on ‘Technological Revolution for International Business and Economic Sustainability (Tribes-  2017), Asian Business School, Noida, 14 Jan, 2017.
  • ‘The influences of Perceived Value in context of Personal Computer Purchase in Rural Kaithal District of Haryana’, National Seminar (Under UGC SAP-DRS Phase-III) on ‘ Managing Business in the era of Transformation, March 08, 2018, Department of Commerce Kurukshetra University.
  • Reference Pricing Patterns in Grocery Retailing, 5th National Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management, Apeejay Institute of Management, New Delhi, Oct 19, 2012
  • ‘ Modelling Association of Consumer Personality, Values and Interpersonal Influences in Predicting Brand Preferences for Indian Private Label Brand’, 10th National Conference on India 2020 : Readiness for Cutting Edge Marketing.ITS Gaziabad, 1-2 Nov, 2014
  • ‘Co-creation as a strategy for marketing the “big idea” in new technology development’ International Global Conference on Recovering Markets- GCRM 2014 MDI Gurgaon 5-7th March 2014
  • ‘Consumer Involvement an Opt-in Intention for E-mail promotion’,6th International Conference on Contemporary Business 2012, IIT Delhi & Curtin University Australia
  • ‘A way to innovations in Biomedical Sciences through Co-Creation among allied sectors of the technology’,International Humboldt Kolleg on ‘Bench to Bedside Translational Research’ KMC, ManipalManipal University,Nov 15-18, 2013
  • From Corporatisation to Cooperatisation: Resurgence of Coopeartives in the post WTO Era, Presented this paper in the Fifth Annual Convention of the Startegic Management Forum of India (SMFI), held at IIM-Khozikode, 18-21 June, 2006.
  • Managing Services for Competitive Advantage Presented this paper in the Thirty-Fourth Annual Convention of Operational Research Society of India’ (International Conference on Operational Research and National Development) in December 2001.