Dr. Sushil Kumar

Assistant Professor

Applied Mathematics
University School Of Vocational Studies & Applied Sciences
M.Sc (IIT Roorkee), PhD (IIT Delhi)
Numerics of PDEs, Extreme Weather Events



1.     Sushil Kumar, Assessment of WRF-3DVAR Data Assimilation on Simulation of Heavy Rainfall Events Associated with Monsoon Depressions over Bay of Bengal, April, 2022, Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (MAAP), Springer-Verlag GmbH Austria (with Shilpi Kalra, A. Routray, B. Mahala and RP Singh)

2.      Sushil Kumar, Mathematical Modelling to study locally the Seasonal Variability of Plankton Dynamics and Forage Fish in shallow Lagoon using Nutrient Phytoplankton  Zooplankton and Forage Fish Model: Chilika - a case study, Res. J. Biotech, Vol. 16 (2) February (2021) (with Bhanumati Panda, Anumeha Dube).

3.     Sushil Kumar, Block Printing Process Performance Evaluation and Improvement using FMEA and Taguchi Loss Function for Selecting Print Paste Supplier in Apparel Industry: Accepted, May 2020International Journal of Advanced Operations Management, Inderscience Publishers Ltd. (with Reena Nupur , Arshia Kaul, Pallavi Sharma , P.C. Jha,)

4.     Sushil Kumar, A High-Resolution Mesoscale Model Approach to Reproduce Super Typhoon Maysak (2015) Over Northwestern Pacific Ocean, Earth Systems and Environment, Jan 2019, © King Abdul aziz University and Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2019, DOI 0.1007/s41748-019-00086-0  (with, Gaurav Tiwari, Ashish Routray, Jagabandhu Panda & Indu Jain).

5.     Sushil Kumar, Simulation of heavy rainfall event along east coast of India using WRF modeling system: impact of 3DVAR data assimilation, Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, © Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2018 https://doi.org/10.1007/s40808-018-0531-0, (with Shilpi Kalra, Ashish Routray)

6.     Sushil KumarEstimation of Dispersion in an Open Channel  from an Elevated Source Using an Upwind  Local Meshless Method: International Journal of Computational Methods Vol. 14, No. 1 (2017), 1750009 @ World Scientific Publishing Company, DOI: 10.1142/S0219876217500098  (with Siraj-ul-Islam and Vikendra Singh).

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12.Sushil Kumar, Jayaraman, G.: Method of moments for laminar dispersion in an oscillatory flow through curved channels with absorbing walls. Heat and Mass Transfer44, 1323-1336, (2008) (with Girija Jayaraman).

Conference Proceedings

  1. Sushil Kumar, Numerical Simulation of Heavy Rainfall Using Weather  Research and Forecast (WRF) System, Proceedings of SNC 2021, Springer, (with Bhanumati Panda, PVS Raju).

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