Dr. Aditi

Faculty on Contract

History and Civilization
University School Of Humanities & Social Sciences
PhD(February 2022), Modern History with Specialization in Gandhian Thought
Contemporary History, Modern History etc



Book Chapters-

  • Mahatma Gandhi from Holy deeds to unholy Death part-1 , Chapter 23- ‘Gandhi and his experiments with Ramanama’ ISBN 978-81-947224-7-2
  • Mahatma Gandhi Shaswat Chintan ( POST COVID WORLD), Chapter 17-‘ Vision of Gandhian Ramrajya in the context of Indian Democracy’ ISBN-978-93-88804-64-6



 Paper published in National research journal of humanities and social sciences (January – may 2018), titled as “ Ahimsa and its implication on the vision of Gandhian Ramrajya”( UGC approved journal serial No. 1366) ISSN No. 2321-8282

 Paper published paper entitled “Utility of Gandhian Values during Global Emergency” in International Journal of Management, Law & Science Studies, VOL 04, ISSUE 11, July 2020. (ISSN No. 2456-4303)

 Paper published entitled “ Epidemics and Health Disasters in Indian Post 1900s and Their Handling : An assessment” in Journal Global Values vol.XI July 2020– A peer reviewed and referred international journal , (ISSN: (P)0976-9447 (e) 2454-8391 , Impact Factor 7.712)

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