Dr. Samar Raqshin

Assistant Professor (On Contract)

Business Management
University School Of Management
Human Resource Management



·       Raqshin S., & Bhati M., (2022), “What ails Higher Education in India?”, Achievements of Indian Economy.



·       Raqshin S., & Bhati M., (2019), “Psycap for enahancing “PsyCap for Enhancing Individual Propensity for Innovation in E-Business Firms” in A Journal of Composition, Vol 10, ISSN: 0731-6755.


·       Bhati. M. & Raqshin. S., (2018) “Managing HR  Policies and Practices and Employees’s Identication in Indian Automotive Industries” in Journal of Research in Management, Vol. 10, No.2, ISSN:0974-0988.

·      Raqshin S., & Nirjar Abhishek, (2012), Paper published“Accruing individual potential for creativity and innovation in biotechnology firms’,International Journal of Innovation and Learning (Inderscience journal) Vol.11 no.2, 2012.


Conference Proceedings

·  Paper presented on “ Role of Employee’s Motivational Empowerment in Managing the  

    Organizational Innovativeness of High-tech Enterprises” at the International Conference on

    Humanities, Social Sciences and Business Management (ICHSSBM) held in London,

    UNITED KINGDOM on 2020.

·       Raqshin. S., Sharma M., (2019), “WTO Impact on Indian Trade”, in National Conference on Indian Economy: Policy Interventions for Sustainable Growth (IEPISG-2019) Sponsored by ICSSR, organized by School of Management, Gautam Buddh University, Greater Noida.


·       Papers presented on “Managing Organizational Identification & Employees

Relationship in Indian Automotive Sector”in International Conference on Research &

Business Sustainability in 16, 17 December 2017 IIT Roorkee , Greater Noida Organized by

Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee and Sheffield

Business School, Sheffield Hallam University and Waikato Management School, The

University of Waikato, New Zealand.


·    Paper presented on” Empowering Knowledge Workers for Leveraging the Innovativeness of E-business Firms inInternational Conference on‘Research and Business Sustainability’ to be held on 4th— 6th December, 2015 At IIT Roorkee - Greater NOIDA Campus, Knowledge Park II, Greater NOIDA Organized By Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom.

·    Paper presented on “Reflections on Leadership Style and Attributes for Innovations in Knowledge Based Firms in 4th Biennial Conference
Indian Academy of Management, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow  to be held on11-13 December, 2015 at  IIM Noida Campus.


·       Papers presented on Sustainable Leadership for Managing Innovation and Competitiveness in Knowledge Based Enterprises"in  International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches in Business Management Sustainability (ICMABMS 2014) BIMTECHBhubnashewar Odisha, India on 28 november 2014.

·      Conference attended on “Women Leadership” Biz Divas of India on 5th April 2014 in Gurgaon, India.

·       Papers accepted for presentation “Leadership for Enhancing Individual and Organizational

Innovativeness in Knowledge Based Firms”in 12th Annual International Business Research

Conference on Global & Regional crises: Implications, Recommendations and Solutions 2012

in U.S.A.

·      Paper presented at Agra University Social Science department in October 2006 as a resource person on “Violence against women.