Dr. Mamta Sharma

Assistant Professor

University School of Law, Justice & Governance
Contract Law, ADR and Criminal Law



Edited a book entitled Hand Book of Research on Cyber Law, Data Protection and Privacy

(IGI Global Publication 2022) by Nisha Dhanraj Dewani, Dr Zubair Ahmed, Aarushi Agarwal,

Dr.Mamta Sharma, Dr. Shaharyar A. khan.



Published an article on “Sentencing Policy in India” in Panjab University Law Review, Vol.

50, 2009

 Published an article on “Judicial Discretion in Awarding Capital Punishment” in Punjabi

University Law Journal, Patiala, Vol. V, 2011

 Published a paper on “Modes of Execution of Death Sentence” in Journal of University

Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University, Vol VI, 2012: ISSN No. 2229-3906

 Published an article on “Employment of Ex-convicts in India-A Study” in Army Institute Law

Journal, Mohali, Vol. V,2012

 A paper published entitled “Sexual Harassment is a hurdle for Women’s Right to Work: A

Study” in the VIDHAN, Page 6-13, Vol- 03, September 2017. Impact factorIIJIF-2.27, UGC

Serial No.-47145. (ISSN: 2230-9896)

 A paper published entitled “Ayurveda and Allopathic Therapeutic strategies in Coronavirus

Pandemic Treatment 2020, in Springer (e-ISSN 2198-641X) ,2020

 A paper published entitled Access to Justice to Disabled Persons (Visual Impairment): A

Socio-Legal Study In Panjab University Law Review,Vol 60, 2022(ISSN No, 0971 -5541)

 A paper Published Integral Insights of Dispute Settlement: A Brief description of Article 51 of

the Constitution in Panjab University Law Review, vol 58 ,2019, (ISSN No 0971-5541)



 Paper Published entitled Evaluation of Copy Right Reproduction Rights in the Light of Fair

Dealings in Educational Sectors in India, in NCU Law Review, Vol.2, 81-99 (2019) (ISSN Nov


 Paper published entitled “Covid 19-and Compulsory Licensing of Drugs in Journal of Global

Research Vol 9(1),2020,104-114, (ISSN No 2278-6775)

 Paper Published entitled “Natco v. Bayer:A Right to Health Perspective” in Army Institute of

Law Journal, Vol.XIV,2021, (0975-8208)

Chapter in the Edited Book

 Published a chapter “Comparative Analysis of Major Issues Involved in IPR and Competition

policy” in the book “Interdisciplinary perspectives on Business Convergence Computing and

legality” edited by Reema Khurana and Rashmi Aggarwal, IGI publications(ISBN:1935-


 Published a chapter“An Interface between Traditional knowledge and Intellectual Property

Rights” in the book “Patent law and Intellectual Property Rights in the Medical field” edited by,

Rajinder Kaur and Rashmi Aggarwal, IGI publications (ISBN No.9781522524144) 2017

 Published a chapter titled “Participation of Women in Politics: Myth v. Reality” published in book

titled “Vulnerability of Women in Contemporary Times" with ISBN No. 9789387839502 published by

Satyam Law International.

 Published a chapter titled “Compensatory Jurisprudence for Rape Victims: Journey from Vedic to

Modern Period" published in a book titled “Reflections on Ancient Indian Jurisprudence in the Current

Social & Judicial Set-up” published by Mohan Law House.

Conference Proceedings

Presented a paper on “Child Labour In India” in National Seminar on Law Development and

Social Transformation in India and challenges in Galgotia University, 2013

 Presented a paper on Capital Punishment: Judicial Approach in National Seminar on Clemency

in Criminal Justice System in Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh &Institute

of Correctional Administration, Chandigarh, 2014

 Presented a paper on Sentencing Policy in India in National Seminar on Clemency in Criminal

Justice System in Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh, 2014

 Presented a paper on “Judiciary as a guardian of Consumer Rights: Success and Challenges’ in

two days National seminar on Consumer Welfare in MMH college on 16 th to 17 th December


 Presented a paper on “Role of Judiciary in Restoring Justice to Rape Victims through

Compensation” in one day National Seminar on “Restorative Justice” organized by the Faculty of

Law Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi on 18 th  Feb 2017.

 Presented a paper titled, “Role of NGOs in creating Awareness about IPR” in one day

National seminar on Intellectual Property Rights and their Implementation organized by Jagan

Nath University, Bahadurgarh, Harayana on 11 th Nov, 2017.

Presented a Paper titled Online Arbitration: Concept and Overview of the new regime in ADR

in International Conference on “Mediation and Negotiation as Emerging Trend of Dispute

Resolution Mechanism” organized Institute of Legal Studies,Panjab University& Centre for

Trade Laws and Dispute Resolution in association with Strauss Institute of Dispute Resolution

,Pepperdine University on 12-13 Nov.2017.

 Paper presented on the topic, “Right to Education: Reality or Myth” in two days national

Seminar on New National Education Policy 2016: Vision, Mission & Objectives held at

M.M.H. College, Ghaziabad on 30 -31 March, 2019.


Presented a paper on “Relationship between Law and Morality with Reference to

Decriminalization of Adultery in India” in two days National seminar on A Discourse on

Integral Humanism: Emerging Predicaments of the 21 st century” organized by Gautam Buddha

University in collaboration with Shaikshik Foundation on 18-19 January, 2020

 Presented a paper entitled “Liability of China for Spread of Covid -19 under International Law

in an online one day workshop on “Combating Covid-19: A Socio-Legal Aspect” organized by

Department of Laws, Panjab University, Chandigarh on 14 th April 2020.

 Presented a paper entitled Need for Mediation in Maritime Disputes in an online MAIMS

International Conference (MIC2020)in a technical session Digitization of Law and HR:

Challenges and Opportunities held on 3 rd and 4 th Dec.2020

 Presented a paper entitled Mediating Commercial Disputes in an online 3 rd International

Finance Conference organized by Centre for Management Studies, Jamia Milia Islamia, New

Delhi India held on 29th  and 30th March 2022.

 Presented a paper entitled Evergreening and Access to Drugs in India organized by MCIP2.0on

IP and Digital Technologies: Law Policy and Society held on 2th and 27 th  March 2022.