Dr. Indu







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Conference Proceedings

Papers published in the proceedings of conferences (national/international):



Name of the Conference


Published in

Fuzzy Reliability estimation using chi-squared Distribution


International Conference on Soft Computing and Machine Intelligence




IEEE Xplore

Reliability Assessment of A Repairable

System Using Fuzzy Lifetime Distribution


International Conference on Computing, Commu-nication and Automation


ISBN: 978 - 1 -4799 – 8889

IEEE Xplore

An Evaluation of Reliability of a Two-Unit

Degradable Computing System Using

Parametric Non-Linear Programming

Approach with Fuzzy Parameters


Proceedings of International Conference published in the book series “Advances in Intelligent systems and computing”


ISBN: 978 - 81 -322 - 1767 - 1


Springer - Heidelberg

Estimating Reliability of a Marcov model using fuzzy logic approach


International Research Conference on Information Technology  and computer sciences


ISBN No.: 978-986-89844-1-7.

Asia-Pacific Education & Research Association

Fuzzy Reliability of Gracefully degradable computing system


International Conference on Methods and Models in Computer Science



978-1-4244-505 1-0

IEEE Xplore

Configurational modeling and analysis of Charging Car system


In the proceedings of IPEC (International Plant Engineering Conference), Guangzhou, China


International Plant Engg.



Papers Presented in National/International Conferences:

·        Presented paper in International Research Conference on Information Technology and computer sciences held at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 28-09-2013.

·        Presented paper in International Conference on Methods and Models in Computer Science at  JNU on 14-12-2009.

·        Presented paper in National Conference on Business Optimization Research Wave at NITIE, Bombay on 15-02-2007.

·        Presented paper in XVIII Annual Conference on Probability & Statistics at Sambhalpur University, Orissa on 27-01-1998.

·        Presented paper in National Conference on Probability & Statistics at Banaras Hindu University (BHU) on 10-02-1997.