Dr. Lovy Sarikwal

Assistant Professor

Business Management
University School Of Management
PhD (Industrial Psychology)
Area of specialisation.... OB& HRM



Book published 

Lovy Sarikwal,Ombir Singh, Kavita Singh.(2018), Edited Book,Title,Management Research and Innovation, ISBN:978-93-86608-58-1, Bharti Publications, Darya GanjIndia.  


Sarikwal,L.(2011), Title: Occupational Stress among Industrial workers ISBN-NR.:5980 978-3-8443-0580-7 . Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. 


Paper published as book chapters

Sarikwal, L(2011) “POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY-Bridging the gap to employee engagement and improved performance”, Positive Psychology by Kumar, S and Yadav S B,Global Vision Publishing House, N Delhi 1st edition 2011 ISBN: 978-81-8220-414-0 (99-112)




Paper published in reffreed journal 

    1. Shashank Dinkar,Lovy Sarikwal (2017)“Social Security in india : need to widen the horizon”. IJHDIS,ISSN:0974-3529,Vol.10, no. 2, (July-Dec,2017) PP 117-128 
    1. Shashank Dinkar,Lovy Sarikwal (2018)     “ Impact of outsourcing of employees on social security : A case study, Vidhaan –A research Journal,ISSN:2330-9896 , volume 1 March 2018 
    1. Chaudhary  P.,Sarikwal  L.(2017) “Conceptual Framework of Organisational Factors on Explicit and Tacit Knowledge Sharing”,  IOSR Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM) e-ISSN: 2278-487X, p-ISSN: 2319-7668. Volume 19, Issue 1. Ver. II, PP 34-38  (Impact factor  3.52) 

4.       Chaudhary  P.,Sarikwal  L.(2017) “RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TACIT KNOWLEDGE SHARING, PROFESSIONALISM AND LIFELONG LEARNING IN ACCRUING PERSONAL COMPETENCIES”, International Journal of Advanced Reaserch, (Article DOI: 10.21474/IJAR01/3160 DOI URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.21474/IJAR01/3160) (impact factor 6.118) 

         5       Saxena Neeti, .Sarikwal, Lovy,  (2017) “Role of Emotional Intelligence in attainment of Entrepreneurial Competency”, International journal of Control Theory and Application, ISSN :0974-5572,international Science Press. Vol.9,No 39.PP 341-349 (Scopus indexed ) 

  6       Sarikwal Lovy,Sharma Manisha & Singh Naipal.(2015) . A    Literature Review on Training &Development Evaluation and Model Proposed  For Evaluation of Training For Indian Banking Sector. Indian Journal Of Training and Development. Issue July-Sep. 2015 

7        Sihag, P., & Sarikwal, L. (2015). Effect of Perceived Organizational Support on Psychological Capital - A study of IT Industries in Indian framework. Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies (EJBO).

 8         Sihag, P., & Sarikwal, L. (2014). Impact of Psychological Capital on      Employee Engagement: A Study of IT Professionals in Indian Context. Management Studies and Economic Systems (MSES), 1 (2), 127-139.

           9          Sarikwal,Lovy, & Parveen Shadma,(2014). Managing Organizational               Competence through                        Transfer of Training: A Study of Small and Medium Enterprises in India. International Journal of                          Business Management and Research, Vol. 4, Issue 6.

10    Sarikwal,Lovy, & Gupta,Jaya,(2013).The Impact of High Performance Work Practices and Organisational          Citizenship Behaviour on Turnover Intentions.Journal of Strategic Human Resource Management, Volume 2, Issue  3 (2013).


11 Sarikwal,Lovy,&Gupta, Jaya,(2014).The relationship between High Performance Work Practices and   organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Role of Positive Psychological Capital. SSRN (Social Science Research Network) 2014


Paper published in International Journal   

1        Sarikwal,  Lovy..(March 2013). “Job Satisfaction and organisational commitment- among employees in IT industry”International journal of management and Behavioural sciences, vol. 3,March 2013 (ISSN 2278-5671).

2        Sarikwal,  L. and Kumar, S.(2011). “Approaches of Organisational Change for Innovation and Sustainable Performance”  International Journal of Arts and Sciences, (ISSN 1944-6934),vol. 4(6),365-379 


Conference Proceedings

Paper Presented and Published in the conference Proceedings

    1) Dinkar Shashankand Sarikwal Lovy, (2017) "Role of Employee Provident Fund in Social Security of                         Outsourced Empolyees"3rd International conference on advances in management and descision sciences               ISBN: 978-93-86238-40-5

    2)    Singh Naipal,Sarikwal Lovy &Sharma Manisha (2017), “ variables based evaluationFrameworkof                            Trainingand Development for Indian BankingSector: An Emperical  Research” presented at the                          international conference, “ICAMP- 2017, Confronting the VUCA World –strategies for growth and                              ExcellenceOrganised by Jagan Institute of Management Studies 

3)        Chaudhary  P.,Sarikwal  L.(2016) “Contribution of Technological factors influencing employee knowledge sharing capabilities” Presented at the International conference , “Advances in management and Descision Sciences organised by School of Management,Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida on 16th July 

      4)    Chaudhary  P. ,Sarikwal  L.(2016) “Influence of individual and organisational factors on knowledge sharing” ,Presented at the International conference ,(LATMAS), organised by IIMT, Greater Noida on 7th  Jan 2016. 

      5)    Saxena Neeti &Sarikwal, Lovy, (2015) “ An Examination of entrepreneulrial competency leading to organisational success” presented at the international conference at International Conference in Advances in Management and Descision Sciences, at School of Management , Gautam Buddha University, 11th -12th July 2015 

6)        Gupta,Jaya &Sarikwal,Lovy,.(2014).Positive Psychological Capital of Employees: Implications for Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Turnover Intentions” presented at the 6th annual Doctoral Research Conference in Management – ANVESH (2014), of Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad. 

     7)     Sarikwal,Lovy,singh,naipal,(2014) “A Study on training evaluation models/framework in public sector banks”at Ansal University. 

8)        Sarikwal, L.and Kumar, S. (2010). “An Interactional Study of Work Stress with Type of Workers”-Paper published in the Proceedings of American Society of Business and Behavioral Science,Vol. 17(1),142-154s


7                 9)   Sarikwal Lovy (2013), “Job Satisfaction and organizational commitment: among employees in IT                        Industry”  in  “7th international Conference on Management and Behavioural Sciences( ICMBS-7)” 9th 10th                March 2013,Organised by “Society of Management and Behavioural Sciences (SMBS) Noida. (abstract                        Published)


   Paper Presented and Published in the Proceedings of Docotoral Colloquium 

8              Sarikwal,Lovy,Gupta,Jaya(2013) High Performance Work Practices, Organizational Citizenship Behavior and                Turnover Intentions: The Mediating Role of Psychological Capital of an individual", at the 6th IIM A Doctoral          Colloquium (2013), organized  by IIM Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad.

        The paper was rewarded with the best paper award in Entry-level proposals Research Track B.