Dr. Rekha Puria

Assistant Professor

University School Of BioTechnology
PhD Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh
Molecular Microbiology, Microbial biotechnology, Genomics, Cell & mol bio



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Rekha Puria, Rohini Chopra, Ganesan K. (2009) Methods for identifying genes that increase yeast stress tolerance, and use of these genes for yeast strain improvement. European patent No. EP1910536.



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Conference Proceedings

  • Sachin Tiwari, Shilpa Pal, Rekha Puria and Vikrant Nain. “A review on biofortified self healing concrete”. RILEMS, Advances in construction material and systems Proceedings of International conference ICACMS 96, Sept 2017.



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 Abstract accepted/Poster presentation in conferences                                                

  1. Sumati Rohilla, Abhishak Gupta, Dinesh M Tripathi, Impreet Kaur, Preety Rawal, Rekha Puria, Savneet Kaur. Silencing of runx1 reduce activation of steatotic hepatic stellate cells by affecting lipid drop metabolism. Asian Pacific Digestive Week, Kolkata, India from 11 -15 December 2019. 
  2. Sumati Rohilla, Ankita Awasthi, Savneet Kaur, Rekha Puria. 2,6- Dihydroxyacetophenone (DHAP) inhibits growth of Hepatic Tumor Cells: An In vitro Study. Poster presentation held at ‘National Conference on Translational Research in Biotechnology: Current and Future Prospectives’, Gautam Buddha University,  30 November, 2019.
  3. Ankita Awasthi, Vikrant Nain, Rekha Puria, “Regulatory Interaction between TOR and lncRNA guides activity of amino acid transporters BAP2 and TAT1 in S. cerevisiae” 29th International Conference on Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology in Gothenburg (Sweden), 2019.
  4. Poster presentation in 1st DBT-BioCARe Conclave: Women Scientists Achieving Great Heights organized by DBT, Govt of India at NIPGR, New Delhi during 8-  9 March 2019
  5. Ankita Awasthi, Vikrant Nain, Rekha Puria.  “LncRNA: Novel regulator of amino acid uptake in Saccharomyces cerevisiae” Abstract accepted for Platform talk by Ankita Awasthi in 10th conference on Yeast Biology,
  6. Ankita Awasthi, Vikrant Nain, Rekha Puria Identification of regulatory lncRNA in TOR pathway” Won best poster presentation award in National Conference on Development and Advancement in Conservation, Propagation and Sustainable Utilization of Medicinal Plants, 2017.
  7. Ankita Awasthi, Rishendra Mohan, Vikrant Nain, Rekha Puria “Yeast YBR285W, a uncharacterized protein is a transcription factor involved in growth and homeostasis of cell: insight from in silico approach” in National Conference on Biotechnology and Environment. (NCOBE-2017) Jamia Milia Islamia.
  8. Ankita Awasthi, Vikrant Nain, Rekha Puria “Deciphering role of non-coding RNA in regulation of TOR signaling” in 9th International Conference on Yeast Biology, 2015, IICB, Calcutta.
  9. Pavan kumar, Ankita Awasthi, Rekha Puria. Torin2 inhibits growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by altered TOR signaling in 9th International conference on Yeast Biology, 2015
  10. Presented poster in Industry-Academia Meet, Gautam Buddha University, 2015 under the title of “To decipher ongogenic potential of hyperactive Target of Rapamycin (TOR Kinase)” (Ankita Awasthi, Himanshi singh, Pavan Kumar, Rekha Puria*).
  11. Presented poster on "Vesicles trafficking proteins play role in nuclear translocation of transcription factor, Gln3, in response to nutrient signals in Saccharomyces cerevisiae”  in international conference “DNA-Protein transaction- 12th transcription meet” hosted by Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, INDIA (2009).
  12. Presented poster on "Study on genes involved in stress tolerance of yeast during ethanolic fermentation" in international conference “Yeast  2003” hosted by Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, INDIA.