Dr. Vikrant Nain

Assistant Professor

University School Of BioTechnology
Phd Biotechnology
Recombinant DNA technology, Genome Editing, Genomics, Molecular Diagnostics



Book Chapters

  1. A Bhardwaj, A Solanki, V Nain  (2021) A Bioinformatics Perspective on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare and Diagnosis: Applications, Implications, and Limitations. Advanced AI Techniques and Applications in Bioinformatics, 227-242.
  2. V Nain , S Sahi, PA Kumar (2011).In silico identification of regulatory elements in promoters. Computational biology and applied bioinformatics. In Tech, 47-66


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Nain Vikrant, Tomar Pradeep, Suman

Synthetic gene coding for FokI nuclease domain in programmable nucleases for genome editing



Nain Vikrant, Tomar Pradeep, Suman

Synthetic gene coding for TET1 catalytic domain in programmable enzymes for epigenome editing



Nain Vikrant, Tomar Pradeep, Suman

Synthetic gene coding for p65 subunit of NF-Kappa B transcription activation domain in programmable transcription factors



Nain Vikrant, Tomar Pradeep, Suman

Synthetic gene coding for VP64 transcription activation domain in programmable transcription factors



Nain Vikrant, Tomar Pradeep, Suman

Synthetic gene coding for KRAB transcription repression domain in programmable transcription repressors



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Conference Proceedings

Conference Proceedings in Research Journals

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