Dr. Kirti Pal

Associate Professor

University School Of Engineering
Ph.D, Electrical Engineering (Power System)
Restructuring of Power System, Power System Analysis and optimization, AI and Soft Computing Techniques Application in Power System, Renewable Energy systems and Electric Vehicle


Ph.D Students

Ph.D Guidance: *TriptiKunj (19/PHD/ENGG/009), RDC Date:13/08/2020, Topic:Electric Vehicles Charging Station Analysis & Management(On going). * Alok Nath Yadav (19/PHD/ENGG/002), RDC Date: 25/07/2020, Topic:Power System Security and Reliability Evaluation by Total Transfer Capacity Analysis (On going). * Km.Brajesh (19/PHD/ENGG/003), RDC Date: 29/04/2021, Topic:Assessment and Monitoring of Bone Fracture Using Non-invasive Techniques (On going). * Arika Singh (20/PhD/Engg./EE/001), Course work completed * Rupika Gandotra (20/PhD/Engg./EE/006), Course work completed.

MTech & BTech Students

* M.tech Student Guided:17 *B.tech Student Project Guided: 150

Graduated Students

Research Assistants

Summer Interns

Independent Studies and Projects