Dr. Vandna Singh

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Chemistry
University School Of Vocational Studies & Applied Sciences
Ph. D. , National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Hariyana
Organic Chemistry & Applied Chemistry


Ph.D Students

PDF: Use of nanoparticles as catalyst in various organic transformations Dr. Pratibha Bansal (on going) Degree Awarded: 1. Synthesis and Characterization of 3D Series Transition Metal Complexes of Macrocyclic Ligands Preeti Jain (2011/VSAS/CYW01), 2. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Macrocyclic Ligands of Dihydrazide, Diketones and their Transition Metal Complexes Sabir Ali (2012/VSAS/CYW02) 3.“Studies on the effect of Homocysteine thiolactone on various proteins having physicochemical properties” Mordhwaj (2013/VSAS/CYW04)

MTech & BTech Students

1. Development and quality evaluation of Quality protein maize based pasta Supplemented with quinoa, soy and Corn starch Poorva Sharma (15/PFT/015); Year 2017 2. Assessment of Hygiene Practices and Quality Evaluation of Gurgaon Street Food Ms. Nargis Bhatt (15/PFT/002); Year 2017 3. Evaluation of Effect of Frying on Physico-Chemical Properties of Edible Oils with Deep Carbohydrate Frying Arunima Panday (15/MFS/001); Year 2017 M. Sc Projects 1.Antimicrobial study of macrocyclic divalent metal complexes derived from benzyl dihydrazone and diketone Deeksha Sharma, 12/MAC/002 2.Effect Of Pyrazolone Derivatives Drug On Cytochrome Lakshay Tomar, 12/MAC/009 3.Biological activity of metal complexes derived from Ciprofloxacin and Benzil dihydrazone Anju Nagar, 14/MAC/005 4.Synthesis, characterization & in-vitro screening and its metal complexes derived from ofloxacin Bhawna 14/MAC/013 5.Evaluation of bilogical activity of ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin derivative with 2-aminothaiozole Rinki nagar (15/MAC/012) 6.Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of ciprofloxacin derivative Sheetal sharma, 15/MAC/019 7.Synthesis, characterisations and biological Activity of Zinc complexes of ciprofloxacin Aditya Nagaich, 16/MAC/002) 8.Synthesis, characterisations and biological Activity of Zinc complexes of ofloxacin Mayur Kumar Soni, (16/MAC/030) 9.Synthesis, characterisations and biological activity of zinc complexes of ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin Hitendra Kumar Pandey (16/MAC/008) 10.Comparative studies of antibacterial and antioxidant activity of azadirachta indica leaves extract of two Different agronomical region Arun Nagar (17/MAC005) 11.Comparative studies of antibacterial and antioxidant activity of Hibiscus rosa Sinensis leaves extract of two Different agronomical region Tarun Nagar (17/MAC011) 12. Analysis of drugs ; Instrumentation, Specification Aarushi Nagar ( 18/MAC/003)

Graduated Students


Research Assistants


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Independent Studies and Projects