Dr. Nidhi Singh

Assistant Professor

University School of Engineering
Ph.D(2008), Electrical Engineerng, IIT Roorkee
Field of Teaching - Control System, Network Theory, Signal And Systems, Adaptive Control, Digital And Non-Linear Control


Ph.D Students

Ph.D Degree Awarded:

Ashok Kumar Suhag

Testing of Performance Oriented Faults in VLSI Circuits


Vikas Singh Bhadoria

Reliable Network Planning for Distributed Generation Systems and Load   Shedding


Vinod Puri

Design and Parameter Estimation of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine  


MTech & BTech Students

M.Tech Dissertation Students:

Prashant Mani Tripathi

Implementation of Protection Scheme

Sandeep Kumar

Load frequency Control

Sonu kumar

Islanding detection in Distributed Generation

Trapti Yadav

Self Tunning PID Controller using Fuzzy Interface Mamdani for the AVR System

Anant Deo

Study of PV grid System using Perturb and Observe Method

Dilip Yadav

Interfacing of Three phase Induction Machine with PV System

Amrendra Singh

Reliability Analysis of Power System

Brajesh kumar

Electric Power Quality Enhancement using Fuzzy Logic based on  Shunt Active Power Filter

Mohd. Hasibullah

Optimal PMU Placement in Smart Grid using Integer Linear Programming

Rakesh  Kumar

Optimal PMU Placement in Smart Grid using Heuristic Algorithm

Shashank Mishra

Comparative Analysis and Energy Management Techniques for Hybrid Renewable Sources

Alok Singh

Power Quality Improvement by using Three Phase Four Wire D-Statcom

Aayushi Chug

Intelligent Approach for Short Term Solar Energy Forcasting

Dinesh Kumar Singh

Protection of Fault in Power System

Falti Teotia

Optimal Placement of DG on Distribution Network using Analytical and Meta-heuristic Approach

Harish Kumar Pal

Direct Control Torque of Induction Motor

Anil Chahar

Load frequency control (LFC)  via Internal Model control(IMC) using model order reduction technique

Vaibhav Mishra

Load Frequency Control of Multi-Source Power System using Flower Pollination Algorithm

Gautam Agarwal

Installation of Solar Panel with Reflectors

Ayush Singh

Energy Management of Energy Storage System and Hybrid PV-Wind Power Generation

Vidya Ritik

Impacts of Increasing Share of Wind Energy on the Grid Frequency Regulation

Shivender Kumar

Design of Solar-Grid Hybrid System

Gaurav Kumar

Modelling and simulation of hybrid power generation using fuel cell/solar PV connected to the grid

Vishal Kumar Chaudhary

A Micro-Controlled Grid-Tie System with Supercapacitor

Yashwant Kumar Yadav

Design and performance comparison of various controllers for DC servo-motor control

Vikas Verma

Sensorless speed control of BLDC motor drive

Gaurav Srivastav

Torque ripple minimization of a switched reluctance motor

Anshu Ojha

Design and Simulation of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Generator for Wave Power Extraction

Seemant Kumar Saini

PSO Based Fractional Order PID for DC Motor

Jaish Sharma

Improvement in efficiency of solar panel by changing architectural design

Ankit Kasana

Performance enhancement of micro grid droop control using particle

Graduated Students

Research Assistants

Summer Interns

Independent Studies and Projects