Dr. Kirti Pal

Associate Professor

University School Of Engineering
Ph.D, Electrical Engineering (Power System)
Restructuring of Power System, Power System Analysis and optimization, AI and Soft Computing Techniques Application in Power System, Renewable Energy systems and Electric Vehicle


Current Courses - Session 2021
• Session 2019-2020 • Odd semester #. EMMI Theory (EE-205), B.Tech III sem. #. EMMI Lab (EE-213), B.Tech III sem. #. Renewable Energy Sources (EE-775), Int. B.Tech+M.Tech/M.Tech, VII sem/I sem. #. Electrical Technology lab (EE-104) B.Tech I sem #. Dissertation (EE-698), Int. B.Tech+M.Tech/M.Tech, IX sem/III sem • Even Semester #. Basic Electrical Engineering (EE-102); B.Tech II sem #. Electrical technology lab (EE-104); B.Tech II sem #. Power System Planning and Reliability (EE-574); Int. B.Tech+M.Tech/M.Tech Power System, VIII sem/II sem #. Project (EE-598); Int. B.Tech+M.Tech/M.Tech, VIII sem/II sem #. Dissertation (EE-698); Int. B.Tech+M.Tech/M.Tech, X sem/IV sem
Planned Courses
#. Restructured Power System #. Power System Planning and Reliability #. Elements of power system #. Power station practice #. Power system operation and control #. power system analysis, basic electrical engineering #.Renewable Energy Sources
Past Courses
Power electronics; Power System Planning; Basic Electrical Engineering; Power Station Practice; Switch Gear and Protection; Power System Operation and Control; Electrical Machine-I; Simulation lab; Power Electronics lab; Power system Lab; Basic Electrical Engineering Lab