Dr. Vandna Singh

Assistant Professor

Department of Applied Chemistry
University School Of Vocational Studies & Applied Sciences
Ph. D. , National Institute of Technology, Kurukshetra Hariyana
Organic Chemistry & Applied Chemistry


Current Courses - Session 2022
Undergraduate Courses: Organic Chemistry –II (CHH 205), Organic Chemistry Lab -II (CHH 207), Organic Chemistry –I (CHH 206), Organic Chemistry Lab -III (CHH 208), Molecules of Life (CH 302), Laboratory pf Molecules of Life (CH 304) Postgraduate Courses: Organic Chemistry-I (CH 405), Laboratory-I (CH 409). Project (CH 510)
Planned Courses

Past Courses
(a) Undergraduate : (Engineering Chemistry (CY 101), Engineering Chemistry Lab (CY 103), Solution, Phase Equilibrium, Conductance, Electrochemistry & Functional Group Organic Chemistry-II (CH 201), B.Sc. Chemistry Lab-II (CH 102), B.Sc Chemistry Lab-II (CH 203), Chemical Energetic, Equilibrium & Functional Group Organic Chemistry -II (CH 102), Pharmaceutical Chemistry (CH 309), Organic Chemistry –I (CHH 102), Organic Chemistry Lab -I (CHH 104), Industrial Chemical & Environment (CH 301), Laboratory –V (CH303),Chemistry of Cosmetics & Perfumes (CH 310) (b) Post Graduate : Medicinal Chemistry-III (CH 513), Medicinal Chemistry Lab-III (CH 521), Medicinal Chemistry-V (CH 504), Project (CH 510), Laboratory-IV (CH 410)