Dr. Chandrashekhar Paswan

Assistant Professor

University School of Buddhist Studies & Civilization
Ph.D (2007)University of Delhi
Buddhist History,Buddhist Art and Architecture,Socially engaged Buddhism


Current Courses - Session 2022

My motto in classroom interactions is inspired by the four pillars of learning introduced in the Delors Commission Report (1996). Accordingly, I will focus more at instigating the inquisition among learners and equip them with as many learning tools and techniques as possible. Buddhist History and its texts demand more reflection and contemplation than any other language and literature. Therefore, I will utilize self-learning and exploration by students. In order to enable the students to express their learning experiences through oral and written presentations; classroom symposiums and workshops can be organized. Outline your most significant contribution to research.Now I have teaching subject given below:

BS-312-an Introductory outline of Buddhist Education System,BS604-Buddhist Ar and Architecture.

Planned Courses
 Buddhist studies is the most ancient as well as with tremendous scope for Teaching, research and publication in the areas of Pali language, history, art, culture, and philosophy. Research in this area is vital not only for exploring traditional wealth of knowledge and life practices but also the novel dimensions of related to life and beyond life. This will surely add to the wealth of knowledge and add new dimensions to the present as well as future of the country. Our Prime minister also focus on the field of Buddhist culture and Tourism development in India and around the world.I, as a part of GBU  would wish to explore the wider dimensions of Buddhist studies and research by adopting the best practices of the modern learning tools and techniques. The impending generation of Buddhist scholars must understand that they are to play much extensive role not only in their own life but in the lives of their fellow natives as well. Buddhist studies fortunately is most capable in setting right all the odds of the modern world. Therefore, I shall endeavor to explore the much demanded balance between tradition and modernity through knowledge, understanding and application of applied Buddhism.



Past Courses

In my teaching and  research worked  i have focused upon the dichotomy between the higher culture and lower culture.I have thrown light upon the culture of the underprivileged,hitherto neglected,in the context of Buddhist cultural heritage in the  region.The study conducted by the helps in illumination the corridors of regional cultural elements and diversifying the arena of Buddhist heritage in the academic discourse.

I have taught post odd semester-BS101-Human Velue and Buddhist ethics,BS-303-History of India(13th century to 19th century),BS-303-World History,BS-805-An Overview of Buddhism--M.Phil course